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Bring on a Full IT Department Without All The Expense!

Your Local IT Dept. can partner with you to provide a level of technology consultation, service, and support you won’t find anywhere else.

      • Fast Help When You Need It
      • Friendly, Knowledgeable Tech Professionals
      • Call Anytime, Speak to a Real Person
      • No Hourly Fees

Limited Time Offer Includes Everything Below AND Your Microsoft 365 Subscription and More.
Cut your IT expenses by over $3,800 per person!

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    We make sure everything "just works"

    What we bring to the partnership...

    FAST Unlimited Tech Support

    Ultra fast response - No Ticket Required - 24/7 Direct-to-Human Helpdesk - This includes both Remote and On Site Support

    Standing On-site Visits

    We're happy to come see you in person! We'll make regularly scheduled visits to make rounds and help with anything you need. This is provided in addition to as-needed tech support which is available anytime!

    Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

    Your CIO will attend your management meetings and provide consulting on what technology can or can’t do for you as well as act as your main technical point of contact who will coordinate the rest of the IT team and outside vendors

    Device, User, Licensing Management

    We'll manage each and every user and device your organization has. From PCs to Servers, Phones, Tablets and more. We track it all. We also maintain your software licensing to make sure you're not paying for things you don't need.

    Vendor Management

    You'll never hear us tell you that you've got to call some other vendor to resolve your issue. We'll do all that for you. Whether its coordinating a repair issue or negotiating terms, we'll take care of so you don't have to!

    Real-Time Monitoring

    We keep tabs on your network, phone system, website, servers and much more with real time monitoring and alerts. Often, we're alerted to an issue and have it resolved before your users even notice.

    Hardware Procurement

    Need equipment? No problem! We can supply and deploy the latest computers, network and other IT hardware but you are in no way obligated to buy from us!

    Vendor / Platform Agnostic

    We don't tell you what you must use. We'll help you install and support whatever systems or platforms work best for your needs.


    Organizations today are required to meet all kinds of technology and cybersecurity standards. We'll can provide the proper audits and policies to keep you fully compliant with them all.

    Cybersecurity Planning

    We'll work with you to design the most secure policies, procedures and integrations possible to prevent threats and damages.

    Cybersecurity Software

    In most cases, we include cybersecurity software licensing as part of our service. This includes advanced backup, endpoint protection, firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam and more.

    Cybersecurity Training

    We provide ongoing cybersecurity training for all your employees. This includes both educational resources and simulated threat tests.

    Process Improvement & Automation

    Is there a better way to get something done using technology? We'll work with you to answer that question, find better alternatives and implement them.

    Get The Most From Microsoft 365

    We work hard with your team to help you get the most from the Microsoft 365 Subscription you already have. This includes employee training, templates, automations.

    Cloud Hosting

    Get those servers out of your back room and into the cloud. Fully managed cloud hosting for backup, applications or just your website is available.

    Business Phone, SMS, Chat, Video Calling

    Keeping in touch is key to success today. We provide the most reliable and versatile business communications options available. Our fully integrated VOIP communications system saves you time and money.

    Wired & Wireless Network Management

    Keeping everyone connected and secure is job 1 in the IT world. We'll monitor and manage your network switches, firewall and wifi.

    Employee Training

    We offer Microsoft Office and other types of training for all your employees. Classes are available in person at our training facility, your office or online.

    As Your Technology Partner, You Get All Of The Above.

    There is no better Value for Your IT Budget!

    Custom Solutions

    Computers, phones, network devices and other new IT equipment available for a monthly lease arrangement

    We can turn every IT expense including equipment, services and licensing into one flat monthly fee

    Migrate Servers to the Cloud 

    Custom Remote Worker Solutions 

    Business Process Automations 

    Services and packages can be customized to meet each client’s needs and budget!

    Our Team Becomes Your Team

    As our partner, you'll have an entire team of CNY's best technical talent at your disposal without adding a single employee to your payroll!

    Let’s Get Started! 

      Onsite IT Services available to Businesses, Charities and Municipalities In the Central New York (315 Area Code) Region.

      Remote Services available to any organization in the United States.