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What Does “We Become Your IT Department” Mean? 

It means, you pay one flat monthly price for an entire team of IT professionals who act like an internal IT department… but better! 

 What’s Included:

Core Service: A Fully Outsourced Enterprise Grade IT Department for Your Company

  • IT Director / Chief Information Officer  (vCIO) 
    • We assign a highly experienced technology manager who is dedicated to your business needs just as an internal CIO or IT Director would be
    • Your CIO will act as your main technical point of contact and they will coordinate the rest of the IT team and outside vendors
    • Your CIO works with you to define IT initiatives, outline tech strategies and approaches according to business goals, manage technology infrastructure, create budgets, research possible solutions and make recommendations as needed
  • Unlimited Tech Support “No Ticket Required”
    • During standard business hours (9a-5p Mon-Fri, 24 hour support available)
    • Includes on site or remote support
    • Requests for support can be placed via phone, email, text message or in person
    • No travel fees (for on site visits within 15 Miles of Syracuse NY) 
  • 24/7 Direct-to-Human Helpdesk with a Dedicated Helpdesk Phone Number
    • Your employees can call a dedicated support number for just their company and speak to a live person anytime 
    • This allows streamlined support procedures that are customized to your company
  • At Least 1 Standing Weekly On Site Visit
    • Perform Scheduled Maintenance
    • Make Rounds, Assist Users as Needed 
    • This is provided in addition to as-needed services which are available at anytime
  • Full Helpdesk Request and Project Tracking Portal 
    • Customer has access to generate reports, track requests, expenses and projects at anytime 
  • IT Budgeting and Procurement Services
    • New and renewed computers, parts and equipment available for sale
    • Many orders can be placed with just a request in writing (email or purchase order) and not billed until the next monthly invoice
  • Creation and Maintenance of a Detailed IT Knowledgebase and Network Documentation
    • Documentation is designed to aid IT staff and end users
  • 3rd Party Vendor Management 
    • We manage and negotiate services with vendors including but not limited to working with your existing, Security Company, Internet Provider, Printer/Copier Leasing Company or Other IT Service Providers
    • Software as a Service Management – Manage and maintain licensing and support services for web based SaaS services like CRM, ERP and other solutions.  (Does not include custom software development)
  • Full User Account Management Across All Systems 
    • We create and document accounts for all services users need to access including computers and physical access (Key fobs, door codes, etc.) 
    • Upon termination, former employee data is properly secured and their access is disabled according to your custom termination policy

Fully Licensed Products Included:

  • Uptime Robot –  Monitoring Tool
    • Monitors key servers and services, Provides direct to client notifications and a real time dashboard
    • Uptime Robot License Included
  • Lansweeper – Maintain Detailed Device Inventory Database
    • Inventory System Powered by Lansweeper 
    • Annual Lansweeper License Included 
    • Customer has full access to inventory data at anytime 
    • FREE Device Barcoding 
  • Remote PC – Remote Access Tool
    • Upon request any user can have access to remote access to their computer or any computer they’re permitted to access 
    • No special software required. Can operate totally web based. 
    • Remote sound
      Remote Printing
  • Datto SaaS Protection and Defense 
    • Backup of Office 365 accounts and data including all email and onedrive data with lifetime retention
    • Advanced security and anti-phishing filters for Microsoft Office 

Included Device Monitoring and Management Services
Some services require vendor licensing fees

  • Server management – Physical, VMware, Cloud 
  • Monitor Software Inventory and Track Licensing
  • Windows and Software Update Testing, Scheduling and Deployment 
  • Monitor Anti-Virus / Device Security on Each Computer
  • Company Wide Darkweb Monitoring 
  • Network Device Monitoring and Reporting
  • Fully Managed Google or Office 365 Including Email, Storage, Apps, Licensing 
  • Fully Managed Backup by Datto 
  • Fully Managed Unifi Network Controller 
  • Full Firewall Monitoring & Management Including VPN Account Management
  • Security Camera and Access Control System Administration and Support
  • IT Security Policy Creation, Maintenance

Additional Included Services

  • Computer Recycling / Removal 
    • Free removal of computer or other electronics except tube monitors / tvs 
    • Includes storage device data destruction to government standards 
  • We Provide Employee Trainings 
    • In Person Quarterly Group Trainings On IT Topics of Your Choosing
    • On Going Basic Security and Anti-Phishing Training, Evaluation and Reporting

Addons: Services that can be bundled into the standard monthly fee for a combined discount:

  • Microsoft / Office 365 Email and Apps Licensing 
  • Google Workspaces Email and Apps Licensing 
  • Beyond Telephone Communications Services and Devices 
  • Datto Backup Service
  • LastPass – Single Sign On and Multi Factor Authentication
  • Virtual Desktops 
  • Device Tracking and Encryption
  • Cloud Storage 
  • Equipment Leasing (Computers, servers, network equipment) 

Custom Solutions 

  • Computer, Network Device and other IT equipment available for a monthly lease arrangement 
  • We can turn every IT expense including equipment, services and licensing into one flat monthly fee

Services and packages can be customized to meet each client’s needs and budget!

What’s Not Included and May Require Additional Fees: 

  • New Hardware Purchases
  • Configuration or installation of new hardware or multi-user software systems
  • Hardware or large scale software or operating system upgrade projects 
  • Custom software programming, Web or Database Development
  • Emergency (unscheduled) after hours or holiday service 
  • Microsoft or Google other software licensing (unless specified) 
  • SaaS Fees (Salesforce, PandaDoc, etc) 
  • 3rd party Services or Fees (as applicable) 
  • 3rd party Backup, Web Hosting and/or Cloud Storage fees (Datto, AWS, WPEngine) 

Note: No additional charge will be added without prior approval. 

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