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The Greener Growth Project - 2023

Together We Can Grow Your Business While Making it Friendlier to the Environment 

The Greener Growth Project – 2023

As part of the Green Mode Tech Program, the Growth Mode Technologies team will work with a few, select organizations who are serious about reducing waste while growing their business in a more environmentally friendly way. 

Not only does participation in this project bring organizations advice and consultation on how to be more “green”, it also provides many in-depth services and tools which will yield immediate, measurable results.

Project Goals

While we'd love to see the world change completely in a single year, we realize that's not realistic. 

What we believe is realistic is a noticeable, incremental change that we can build on year over year. 

For that reason, we aspire to make a 23% improvement in these areas in 2023.

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Reduce Energy Consumption by 23%

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Reduce Paper & Other Waste by 23%

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Increase Reuse / Recycling by 23%

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Increase Efficiency by 23%

Project Deliverables

What Participating Organizations Receive

Unlimited Paper to Fillable Form Conversions

We'll convert any existing paper form to computer fillable PDF or Web form. Advanced form automation and processing available for an additional fee.

Document Digitization

We'll implement a basic system for digitizing documents that currently only exist on paper. Advanced automations, notifications and document management available for an additional fee.

Energy Monitoring

Track the electrical usage of up to 5 specific devices in real time. (track more for an additional fee, some restrictions apply) This is in addition to overall energy tracking which is based on the usage as detailed on your energy bills.

Public Recognition

Your organization will be celebrated for it's participation in this program with public recognition through events, marketing and press releases throughout the year.

Green Tech Consulting

First we will work with your team to set goals and gather information about what you do and how. Then, we will design a specific plan that fits your processes and goals.

Extensive Data and Reporting

We gather and monitor a wide variety of metrics about your business so you know where your business is at with its goals at all times.

Green Tech Training

We provide training to both managers and employees on things they can do themselves to help reach your goals. We can also provide in-depth training on any new process that might be implemented so the team knows what to do.

No Cost Electronics Recycling with Certified Data Destruction

We'll remove all your old electronics, safely destroy your data then work to reuse/recycle as much as possible to prevent these items from ending up in landfills.

More Trees, Cleaner Air for NY

Your participation in this program will help fund the planting of new trees here in New York State

Project Investment


The above deliverable services are offered to invited participants for a flat fee.  

The cost is based on the size of your organization. 

  • Businesses with Less than 20 Employees
    - $2023 investment per quarter 
  • Businesses with More than 20 Employees
    - $2023 per month

1 year agreement required. 

Give the Gift of Green: Contact us if you'd like to sponsor all or a portion of this project for a local business or charity organization. 


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