We live in a “connected” world and never before has there been such a demand for high speed, long range internet connectivity for all our devices all the time.

Growth Mode Tech can help connect you in your office building, across your campus and we can even connect points 10+ miles apart wirelessly.

Some of the Network Install Services We Can Offer: 

    • Network Cabling Installations
    • Enterprise Grade Building-wide Wifi 
      • Schools, Hotels, Corporate settings
      • Have secure building-wide networks, never drop signal as you walk around your building
    • Outdoor Wifi Coverage
      • Cover your sports fields, Construction site, Campus or Backyard  with high speed wifi
      • No more burning up cell data or losing network connectivity when you step outside
    • Building to Building Links, Short or Long Range
      • If you have line of sight (you can see one point from the other without an object blocking the view) you can connect buildings up to 10 miles apart, possibly more!
      • Don’t pay for a second internet connection at your other location, connect it to your main location
      • Connect your barns and outbuildings across your property
      • It’s like running a network cable from one building to the other
    • Security Camera Services
      • We can install a network camera any location to keep an eye on things
      • Monitor your buildings, animals and equipment from across your property
      • Secure your construction site and watch it remotely
    • Temporary, Event or Emergency Networks
      • Give your vendors connectivity to process credit cards and other online applications at Fairs, Festivals, and other Public Events
      • Have an emergency that has relocated your company suddenly? We can get you up and running in a new location quickly
      • Any of our wifi services can be provided on a temporary basis